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Get Through Your To-Do List Easier

Let's face it, the holidays are hectic and we crave extra time to try to fit in all of our to-dos.

But what if there was a smarter way to get those things done?

Want to do a movie night in? But yikes the things that need to happen before you can even sit down seems exhausting.

Before you get cozy, you'll need to check that the front and back doors are locked. The shades need to be down. Your downstairs lights need to be off, the thermostat needs to go down a couple of degrees, and you should also turn the alarm on for the night now that everyone's settled.

If only there was a magic button for this sort of thing.

Haha! There is!

Did you know Your app (through Minnesota Security services) comes with four Scene buttons. Each one is a multi-device command that coordinates different smart devices to accomplish a complex task.

To secure your house when you leave, just tap the ‘Away' Scene. Your smart security system will arm itself, your front door will lock, your garage will close and your thermostat will set back to save energy.

Ready for bed? Tap the ‘Sleep' Scene. Your home will secure itself with "Arm Stay" status, and your thermostat will dial down or switch to the bedroom temperature sensor for a comfortable night.

Wanna learn more about how to make your home and life more efficient and easier? Give us a jingle!


No complicated and expensive packages.

Ask us your unique security questions and/or learn more:

Minnesota Security

(952) 224-9191

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