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Top 3 Reasons to Avoid DIY Security Systems

DIY security systems seem to be all the rage. While it might seem like a way for you to get a system set up quick on the cheap, there are some limitations to these systems. In our latest post we list the top 3 Reasons to Avoid DIY Security Systems:

1) Expertise - Security experts know WHERE to best place devices around your home.

2) Hackers - Home networks can easily be hacked & cut. MN Security uses highly secure cellular connections.

3) Support - DIY security support is hard to reach

And here's an article snippit and link from Fox9 this morning on that very topic!

(KMSP) - After his home was hit a couple of times by thieves, Dr. Ashwin George joined the growing ranks of do-it-yourself security buffs.

He went online where there are hundreds, if not thousands, of devices to choose from and ordered some cameras disguised as clocks and phone chargers. Then, he hooked them up in various locations around the house.

Each device connects to the internet via Wi-Fi. They also have motion sensors. If an intruder is detected, the camera sends an alert to a smart phone.

One day when he was 30 miles away from home, George received a notification.

He tapped the app on his phone and saw a burglar in his house.

Read more here...…/home-insecurity-tips-to-safeguard-sec…

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