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Home Automation

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Mobile Convenience

Minnesota Security is leading the way for home automation in MN homes and businesses. Our mobile solution allow you to control your locks, cameras, lights, climate and garage door with your phone. Minneapolis and Twin Cities residents enjoy the security and convenience of the system. If you live in Minneapolis or a surrounding community please give us a call to discuss your home automation system today.

Remote Thermostat Control

Minneapolis residents know how quickly our weather can change. Minnesota Security installs the latest in remote access for heating, cooling and thermostat systems. You can set a schedule for the home to warm up in the morning and save energy while you are at work or out of town.

Smart Mobile Alerts

Did you leave your home without closing the garage door?

Did you remember to turn on the alarm when you left? 

Did your kids come home after school?

Is the furnace working?

Our home automation technology includes smart alerts which can notify you when you forgot to lock a door or simply to see when the home was accessed. Be in the know.

Photo and Video Access

MN residents now have the ability to check cameras real time. You can check to see if the package was delivered or who accessed the home at any time of the day. Cameras are available in high resolution or can be completely hidden cameras including a doorbell camera.


What is the price of peace of mind?

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