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Have A Happy & Safe Halloween

Have A Safe & Happy Halloween!

Here are our pro tips to make sure your home and car are safe on a night full of tricks:

Take precaution against pranks and vandalism

Unfortunately, vandalism often increases during Halloween.

That’s why taking these precautions is a good idea:

- If you’re going away during Halloween, make it seem like you’re still home by turning down the volume of your answering machine and phone, covering your garage windows, and leaving your curtains in normal positions with valuables out of sight.

- Install outdoor lighting (activated by a photocell or movement) to illuminate the area around your home during Halloween.

- Leverage your security system that directly alerts you & police to intruders.

- Trim shrubs and large trees before Halloween so trespassers have fewer hiding spots.

- Make sure your homeowners insurance policy is up-to-date.

Protect your car:

Cars are another common target of vandalism on Halloween.

- Park inside if you can on Halloween. Your garage is your best bet. If you do not have a garage you may want to consider investing in some outdoor lighting for your driveway and yard.

- Make sure your car is locked on Halloween. Oftentimes, vandals complete their missions with ease when doors are unlocked and windows are down/cracked.

- Hide your valuables on Halloween. Don’t give thieves any extra incentive to break into your car.


No complicated and expensive packages.

Ask us your unique security questions and/or learn more:

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