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Local Crime: Burglaries While Residents Are Home

About 2 weeks ago Pioneer Press put out an article about a string of St Paul robberies that occurred while the home owners were home.

The robberies were occurring between 4:15am -11:10pm

"One couple awoke to find a stranger in their bedroom, rummaging through the nightstand. Another man heard a noise, peered out his window, and a saw a male standing on his roof and looking back at him."

Personally, we can't even begin to understand how frightening that must be.

There are a couple of things that stood out to us in the article worth noting.

- “People are supposed to be their safest in their homes,” said Sgt. Mike Ernster, a St. Paul police spokesman. *We could not agree more!!!!!

- police believe the suspect used a garbage can to boost himself up to an open window and enter the house.

Pro Tip/Reminder: Take a second to look around your home today and check to make sure there isn't anything by a window or your home that could help elevate a burglar into soft entry points into your home.

Pro Tip/Reminder: Even when home or in your backyard, keep your doors locked. While you're busy doing something else, burglars are looking for easy ins and outs to grab something fast while you're distracted.

Pro Tip/Reminder: Share what information with your neighbors! More awareness means more eyes on the problem. More eyes means less opportunity for burglars.

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