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String of Car Break-Ins Alert

There's a lot of chatter on our St. Paul neighborhood groups about a string of car thefts, people rifling through vehicles and even stolen cars.

And we were recently at a Saint Paul Police Department (central location) safety meeting and heard this echoed there.

The #SPPD highly recommend calling in any thing or anyone that looks out of place/suspicious. They mentioned that too many times people are in a hurry leaving their homes that when they see "what looks like someone checking out cars" that they never call it in, they just continue on with what they're doing. However, for those who do it call it, can help put together missing pieces on perhaps on other cases. So always call it in!

Also in February some of our other neighbors got together to take action after a string of car break-ins, caught it on camera, worked together and help nab the thief.

One neighbor had noticed his car had been rummaged through and other neighbors noticed they had items missing as well. He checked his video footage and found the culprit.

Surveillance video shows a woman checking for unlocked cars in his driveway at around 7 a.m.

“We were just 10 feet away inside having coffee,” he said. “and my kids were in there and we had no idea, so it’s a matter of safety we want to catch this person and lock them up.”

The woman didn’t end up with much from his car, but she also broke into several other neighbor’s cars.

He and his neighbors reported the thefts to police and posted signs warning people about surveillance cameras around the neighborhood.

These neighbors most importantly started sharing any and all information they had with each other, reported anything out of the ordinary and have been successful at deterring additional thefts. There's a lot to be said about working together as a whole community. -But that's what it takes.


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