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#LocalCrime - Teen Theft

This was particularly aggravating to read.

But it also brought up a good point.

Educating kids about stealing.

What might seam like a harmless joke or prank can have serious consequences.

Here are some good tips on how to help your kid, see how important it is NOT to steal.

First the why:

- Kids who steal often have a lack of fear (especially with authority)

-They feel there's no other ways to get what they want

*Tip(s): First, you must reassure your teenager that there is plenty to go around and that they do not need to steal to get what they want.

- Ask your teenager this question: “How would you like it if someone stole your things?” You need to make sure they know what it would feel like if it happened to them

- help them find a way they can make some extra money. Once they’re paid for doing a job well done, they won’t feel the need to steal

Why: Some people steal because they’re filling a void in their life. They may be sad, lost, or depressed and while most people eat or do drugs to fill that void, some will actually steal to fill it.

Tip: You need to help them feel better about themselves and their life.

Why: People who steal for attention are generally ones who want to be caught. Because this is a cry for help, they’re seeking attention.

Tip: Give your teenager more attention when they do positive things in their life. Try and help them discover other things that they’re good at.

Why: The thrill & rush:

Tip: Help your teenager find something else that brings them excitement.


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