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Local News: Minneapolis Fire

It certainty was a hot one this past weekend, so much so, the unexpected happen with one of our Minneapolis neighbors.

Here's what happened: Neighbors started smelling "something burning" 2 hours before flames appeared.

Neighbors complained of a rubber like smell.

Fire department is still determining what started the fire but they believe the resident of the apartment had been smoking and didn't quite extinguish their cigarette. The rubber outdoor mat caught on fire (slowly). Luckily once the flames started to show, a neighbor notice and called 911 right away.

All things considered this was an extremely lucky case that the neighbors spotted the flames right away. The damage was contained only to the balcony and their two dogs inside were safe. Scared, but safe.

*Did you know: Every year since 2004, our monitoring center has been awarded the "Five Diamond" certification from the Central Station Alarm Association.

This is important because we all might not be as lucky as they were in this case, having a system that monitors & instantly pinpoints a danger area in your home & then notifies the emergency services for you is paramount to preventing damage, injury or death.


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