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Local Crime - 225AM Burglary Minneapolis

Local Crime: Pulled from earlier this week.

How lucky is it that a neighbor happened to see 3 people trying to break into a resident's home at 2:25am?!

1- we're lucky they were awake to see it happen

2- we're also lucky they called the police right away.

But what we don't know: Are the resident's home?

What wouldyou do if you heard someone breaking into your home? Let alone 3 people?

We love our neighbors that look out for us. But sometimes a little more protection is needed.

For example: Having a video system that could give you a clear picture of who the attempted robbers are.

A home system that alerts the police for you and scares off burglars at the same time.

The last thing you want to do is confront a burglar (or 3 of them) at 225am!

Message us with your home security questions. We customize our sollutions for your budget and your needs.


Minnesota Security will design a user-friendly security system that fits your home and individual needs, tailored to your lifestyle.

No complicated and expensive packages. Easy and always covered.

Control and monitor your entire smart home system through one app, for complete convenience wherever you go (even on your Apple Watch)

Ask us your unique security questions and/or learn more:

(952) 224-9191

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