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How to keep your cabin safe while you're back in the city (tip 3)

How to keep your cabin safe while you're back in the cities:

Use motion-sensitive exterior lighting or smart lighting control.

Lighting that comes on only when something moves means you don’t have to leave a light burning all night—but can provide an unwelcome surprise for someone who doesn’t want to be spotted.

Yes, you may get a few stunned foxes and skunks, but you might also deter some two-legged creatures who would rather stay in the dark.

Smart & easy-to-control lighting also works well. Making your cabin look occoupied when you're not there.

As well as controlling your lights remotely, you can set realistic schedules that mimic real life, such as having your lights come on at sunset, or at slightly randomized times.

-- Minnesota Security​ will design a user-friendly security system that fits your home and individual needs, tailored to your lifestyle.

No complicated and expensive packages. Easy and always covered.

Control and monitor your entire smart home system through one app, for complete convenience wherever you go (even on your Apple Watch)

Ask us your unique security questions and/or learn more: (952) 224-9191

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