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Ain't no one got time to wait around for the service guy to show up.

Cable Guy: I'll be at your home somewhere between 8am and 9pm Me: When the cable guy/repair man finally shows up!

Ain't no one got time to wait around for the service guy to show up.

Our summers are short, the Minnesota State Fair​ is right around the corner and soon enough, it will be pumpkin spice everything and our summer will be gone.

Don't waste your vacation days waiting for the cable/repair guy!

Our Solution: Keyless, secure entry with an integrated smart lock means that when life happens, you can keep your plans.

Contractors, repair people, or friends who need something from your house can all be safely and securely allowed in and out, whether you're at work or driving your kids to summer camp.

Ask us more about keyless, secure entry.

--- Minnesota Security​ will design a user-friendly security system that fits your home and individual needs, tailored to your lifestyle.

No complicated and expensive packages. Easy and always covered.

Control and monitor your entire smart home system through one app, for complete convenience wherever you go (even on your Apple Watch)

Ask us your unique security questions and/or learn more: (952) 224-9191

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