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Unusual Home Security Tip # 1

Move Your Alarm Keypad

Most alarm pads are placed by common entrances, such as the front door or back door. This is done because it’s convenient and because you’re only allowed a brief amount of time before the alarm goes off and the authorities question you for living in your own home.

Because the front and back doors are such common places for a keypad, burglars know exactly where to look. An observant thief will scope out the place and watch the numbers you enter into the keypad. A would-be burglar can also glance through the window to see if you engaged the alarm system before leaving the house.

Be mindful of who might be able to view your keypad when you arm or disarm it, and move it somewhere out of sight. Or at least block the keypad when using it.

Other options:

1. Have multiple keypads, one by an entrance and one in the master bedroom in case of a suspected break-in when you need to act fast.

2. Utilize a system that you can use with your cell phone as you approach your door (or pull into your driveway).

--- Minnesota Security will design a user-friendly security system that fits your home and individual needs, tailored to your lifestyle.

No complicated and expensive packages. Easy and always covered. Control and monitor your entire smart home system through one app, for complete convenience wherever you go (even on your Apple Watch)

Ask us your unique security questions and/or learn more: (952) 224-9191

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