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5 Ways to Save Energy with a Smart Home Security System

Use an Energy Management System to Go Green in MN

It is possible to save energy and money while keeping your home comfortable.’s energy management solution connects all of your smart devices to help you save automatically. Access your smart thermostat, lights, and sensors using an app on your mobile device. Here are five ways to go green, save money, and remain comfortable in your St. Paul, Minnesota home all throughout the year with our energy management system.

1. Install Dimmers

Installing dimmers in your house can save you up to 20 percent on energy alone. Dim the lights at specific times of day when the sun is brightest, or for special events like a romantic dinner at home. Keep touch pads on the wall so you can manually adjust lighting levels at any moment. Studies show that simply lowering your lighting setting by 10 percent can save enough energy to reduce up to 850 pounds of carbon dioxide each year—the equivalent of not driving a car for an entire month.

2. Use Motion Sensors and Geo-fencing

Have you ever forgotten to turn off a light when you left the house? Install motion sensors in certain areas where you typically leave on lights, and you don’t have to even worry about it anymore. You can have a motion detector turn a light on when you enter a room, and have it set to turn off after a set amount of time. Place a sensor in rooms like a bathroom, storage closet or basement. You can also use geo-fencing technology which turns your lights off based on your geographical location. As soon as you drive away, your house goes dark!

3. Add a Smart Thermostat

Controlling the temperature in your home using a smart thermostat is one of the biggest opportunities to save a lot of energy. Air conditioning and central heat account for 25 to 40 percent of energy usage in the home. Having access to your thermostat on your mobile device makes it easier for you to set temperatures at strategic points throughout the day. It can also go on autopilot to adjust the temperature all on its own.

4. Continue Saving While You’re Away

Whether you are leaving the house in the morning for work or are going to Europe on vacation, a control system can help you reduce energy usage while you are away. Using the app, turn off lights, set the alarm, and adjust the temperature right when you leave or even later on when you’re sailing away to your relaxing destination.

5. Give Back

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that you can save up to 15 percent on your electric bill by using less energy in the home. With the extra dollars you save every month via, you could create a savings account and then give back by donating it to a charity that supports preserving our world.

If you need a professional to design your green home, please call us at 952-224-9191 or contact us online!

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