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5 Alerts to Manage Your MN Home with your Smart Phone

Stay Alert and Aware with a Smart Home System

Can your home actively tell you when a door is left unlocked? Or can it send you an email when it’s time to change the batteries in your smoke detector? We know you have a busy schedule, so it’s extremely helpful for a smart system to do all the work for you and let you know when your home needs some attention—or when there’s an emergency. Take a look at the top five alerts that your smart home system can send you for safety, security, and convenience.

Alert 1 : Door Has Been Left Unlocked

You may be very conscious of locking all the doors before leaving the house, but what about the rest of the family? When every person you live with has a different schedule, it can be easy to leave doors open—especially when you’re in a hurry. With smart locks, your smart home system will alert you if any opening is left unlocked—including the garage door. The best part is after you get the alert you can immediately fix the problem and lock the door or close the garage by pressing a button on your phone.

Alert 2 : Smoke Detector Has a Low Battery

It’s quite easy to forget to check the smoke detectors to make sure the batteries are working. A smart smoke detector as part of an security system automatically sends you an alert when the battery runs low.

Alert 3 : Alarm Has Been Disarmed

Our smart home system can keep track of who comes and goes in your home by alerting you when the alarm is disarmed. Let’s say you have a teenager who goes out to a party and you give him or her a curfew of midnight. After you’re already in bed, your system will send you an alert when they come home and type in the alarm code so you’ll know exactly if they were late or not. You can use this technology to keep track of other people as well, like dog walkers, babysitters and more.

Alert 4 : Temperature Alerts

This alert is especially helpful if you have a second home. The system warns you if your home’s heating malfunctions during the winter. If the temperature drops below a certain point you’ll get a notification so you can take action before the pipes freeze and burst.

Alert 5 : Security Camera Alerts

If you have security cameras installed around your home, you can get alerts whenever there is new activity detected. Cameras with motion sensors will alert you when there is any kind of big movement. This is especially helpful for saving memory space, that way your system isn’t recording empty rooms for hours—leaving you to sort through tons of video clips looking for activity.

If any of these alerts sound helpful to you, please contact us online. We can customize your smart home system to meet a variety of your daily needs.

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