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Monitor your MN Home with Smart Home Security Cameras

Use an Security System to Protect Your Twin Cities MN Home

Have you ever wanted to check in on the kids and the babysitter while you’re out on the town? Or perhaps you want to screen visitors who come to your gate or front door. Video monitoring allows you to stay aware of what’s happening at home at all times—even when you’re in another country. With surveillance cameras and a smart security system, you’ll be able to view live and recorded video streams and get alerts in real-time. To learn all about the surveillance solutions we offer families in the St. Paul, MN area, keep reading.

Watch Video Footage at Any Time

Installing surveillance cameras throughout your property may be enough to deter burglars, but a security system isn’t complete until there’s an easy way to watch important video footage. Our smart solutions give you multiple ways to access your surveillance videos via your smartphone, tablet, touch screen on the wall, or desktop computer.’s system lets you access live video footage and recordings on your smartphone at any time with a mobile app. You can also pull up live video on your TV with their Amazon Fire TV app to see who’s there when the doorbell rings or look in on your loved ones in the back yard. The Stream Video Recorder (SVR) creates a 24/7 full-framed backup that is stored on site at your home, but you can also access cloud-based recordings from without the SVR. The benefit is that you only have to use the Internet bandwidth for critical video playback and secure cloud recording, allowing gapless and continuous video snapshots.

Control Your Security Cameras Remotely

Not only can you look in on your house from locations far away, but you can also control your cameras too. One of our indoor cameras allows you to tilt the camera and pan the room. Imagine your dog is recovering from an injury and you left him in the living room. When you want to check on him, you can open your app and move the camera around the room to see how he’s doing. If you see that he’s fine, you can go back to work and stop worrying. With a smart surveillance system, it’s also easy to switch from room to room to check in on any area of the house.

Receive Alerts Only When You Want To

A lot of our customers in St. Paul find home surveillance cameras to be some of the coolest solutions we offer. That is until they discover how tedious it can be to browse through hours of video clips where nothing is happening. By linking your cameras to a smart security system, you can receive video alerts when there is activity instead of having to look through surveillance footage yourself.

You can also determine what kinds of alerts you want to receive and how. For example, receive an email notification with a video clip when a person enters the front door. Your system will know if a person enters your home by connecting to smart door locks and using occupancy sensors to determine if there is movement in a certain area. This way you stay informed at all times and only have to look at footage when it really matters.

Get the most out of your brand new security cameras by integrating them into a smart surveillance system. We work with you to create a custom solution that makes the most sense for your home. Click Here to Get Started with a free home estimate

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