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Minnesota Homeowners - Save Energy, Time and Money with a Home Security System

How to Use Automated Lighting in your Edina, Minnesota home.

While we do focus on securing your Minnesota home with security and surveillance systems, we offer many smart home solutions that can enhance your daily lifestyle. Automated lighting is one of the smart home systems we install that can help you save energy, money, and time all year round. Here are a few reasons you should consider adding smart lighting to your ticket.

Increase Safety

You may be surprised to know that automated lighting can actually add another layer of security to your home. When you’re gone at work or on vacation, dynamic schedules gives your home a realistic lived-in look for increased safety. The lights will turn on at varying time to make it seem as if someone is home. Trespassers will think twice about trying to break in. Exterior lighting also helps you see outside in the evening. Suspicious activity will be easy to spot. Lighting also aids your surveillance system to capture events in the middle of the night. We can install lights any place you need to make you feel more secure and give you peace of mind.

Save Energy

A main goal of smart home automation is saving energy. Even though your system uses energy to run, it can be programmed to save resources in every way. Lighting is the second on the list of systems that typically use the most electricity in an American household, right after heating and cooling. If you have a hard time remembering to turn off lights when you leave a room, automated lighting systems do the work for you by turning off the lights when you leave an area. An advanced energy management system will also give you recommendations on how to save more, like turning off the lights as soon as the sun rises so you can make the most of the sun’s natural power.

Add Convenience can customize your system with smart plugs and smart switches. Integrated with the platform, lights can be controlled based on a dynamic schedule from a mobile device or computer. Use your phone to turn off any light if you left it on, or turn them on right before you arrive home from work. When you’re often busy and on the go, remote access is a helpful tool for managing your household. Our controls are easy to use so that everyone in the family can adjust the lights at any time. Convenience and simplicity is key with our smart home systems.

To get these additional benefits in your smart home, click “smart lighting” when you fill out this ticket form.

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