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Do I need a video doorbell?

We just got done installing a smart doorbell for one of our clients and it made us think of the one question we get often:

"I've heard a lot about video doorbells. But do I need one?"

A: If you have porch pirates (someone who steals mail from your porch). We recommend!

Did you know nearly 1 in 5 homeowners have become victims of mail/package theft?! -EEK!

-You can marry your smart doorbell with your smart locks for compounded control & security or you can do one or the other. It depends on your goals & your needs.

-If you're investing in a smart doorbell make sure you have back-up. It's one thing to be alerted to crime, it's another thing if you miss that alert and nothing can come of it because you couldn't act upon your alert when you needed to.. Make sure you take a look at what happens if you miss an alert.

Ask us your security questions. We'll give it to you straight and we're proud to be your resource.


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No complicated and expensive packages.

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