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#Mondays & #SummerVacation

Summer vacation is getting kicked off across the metro, so we thought we'd share some summer home safety tips. To make things a little easier on you.

-Make sure your play areas are safe: Most summertime injuries happen because playground equipment isn't as safe as we think they are.

-Practice water safety: If you have a built-in or above-ground pool or hot tub, make certain that the child can’t get to it. Don’t leave utility buckets outdoors as water accumulates in these. All it takes is 1 inch of water for a child to drown.

-Prevent Vehicle Accidents: With children playing outside on or near a driveway, it is easy for a child to get in the way of a vehicle backing up.

-Prevent Falls: Falls out of windows and off of decks increase during warm weather months.

-Wear helmets

-Never let children play inside a vehicle

-Poisonings and Insect Stings: Make certain that your yard is clear of poisons, including fertilizers, weed killers, and pool chemicals. Remove any poisonous plants that may be in your yard. Minimize the possibility of an insect sting or bite, carefully remove any bee hives, wasp nests, and spider webs that may be near play areas.


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