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3 Smart Ideas to keep your Dog Comfortable this Summer...

Are you having a good time this week? Make sure your family's best friend is too. When you're out enjoying fireworks, cookouts and vacations, a smart home security system can help you ensure that your dog is happy and comfortable at home. 1: When fireworks are bursting, make sure they're okay While we humans find the booms and flashes of fireworks exciting, dogs can get anxious. There's a lot you can do to make your dog comfortable at home before you go out to watch fireworks—closing all windows and shades; leaving your TV and AC on to provide soothing background noise—but once you leave, things are out of your hands. Connected video monitoring, however, makes it easy to stay connected to your dog and see how they're doing. A quick check of the video feeds in your app can quickly show you whether they're comfortable, or whether you need to come home early to comfort them and avoid a chewed-up sofa.

2: When you take a short trip, let them stay home With smart home security, travelling without your dog doesn't have to mean a trip to the boarding kennels. An smart lock makes it easy to give temporary access to a dog-sitter, with none of the security risks associated with spare keys. You can even get an alert when the sitter arrives and leaves, so you can ensure that they're walking your dog for the length of time that you agreed upon. 3: When you're saving energy, take their comfort into account

Our smart thermostat helps you save energy without making your family uncomfortable—including your dog. Install a remote temperature sensor in the room where your dog's bed is, and you'll always be able to check that they're not sweltering when no one else is home and your thermostat has set back to save energy. You can even set up a convenient alert to let you know if things are getting too heated for your pal, enabling you to quickly remedy the situation by remotely turning your AC down by a degree or two. From fighting crime to tackling high energy bills, an security system uses advanced technology to proactively tackle everyday challenges for you.

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