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Summer Security Tips : Protect your Home with a Smart Security System

The school year is almost over, and that means summer vacation season is right around the corner. You may be taking a relaxing vacation to another country, or just a few hours away, but in either case you need to monitor your home. An interactive security system isn’t just helpful during those times when you leave for a week or two, but when you purchase a second home or go away on business trips during the year too. If you’re not there, technology should be able to protect your most valuable items and secure your property. Here are four ways Minnesota Security and protect your St. Paul, MN home (whether primary or vacation) while you’re away.

1. Stay Connected & Save Money

When you leave for a long vacation, or shut down your vacation home, it’s best to turn off as many electronics as possible to save energy and money. You can turn off the cable, and even the Internet, but make sure your security and monitoring system is still on. Our systems allow you to shut off everything but still stay connected to your home using an image sensor. You can stay connected at all times and skip the utility bills too.

2. Respond to Emergencies Fast

How will you know if a pipe burst or a window broke while you’re on vacation? It’s important to stay aware of what’s going on at home 24-7. Surveillance cameras, sensors, and digital alerts will keep you updated. If there’s an emergency, the system will send you a text message or email so you can act fast. Even if you can’t rush home to deal with the problem, you can still call people to help or contact local authorities to confront the situation.

3 Manage Visitors Easily

What if you need to let in a pet-sitter or repair man while you’re away? Smart locks and remote access allow you to let certain people in your home on vacation. Surveillance cameras verify who is at the front door, while the smart locks let them in using personalized door codes. Then as the visitor moves throughout your property, you can monitor their actions by watching live video feeds on your phone. Get an alert on your phone when they arrive and then when they leave; it’s that simple.

4. Alert Local Emergency Responders

Our systems keep you aware of what’s going on at home constantly, but there are times when you will want the emergency response to be automatic, like a fire. If a fire ever breaks out, first your smart home will shut off the fans to prevent the spread of the fire. Second, the system will alert the local firemen, or anyone on your list of local emergency contacts, so they can come to your home immediately.

It’s not enough to install a few security cameras or alarm system to protect your home. Be proactive and invest in an interactive security system that will keep everyone aware of threats while you’re away.

Contact Minnesota Security for more information by filling out this online form.

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