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SMARTER HOME  SECURITY, an authorized dealer, offers you affordable, easy to use, smart security and smart home technology configured to suit your lifestyle. Unlike outdated security systems that only trigger an alarm when armed or when a door or window is opened, our system keeps you informed of events at home whether the system is armed or not. Check status and arm or disarm the system using your mobile device. Customize the system to receive text or email alerts.


Need to let the neighbor in to feed your pet? Lock or unlock your doors and check the status of your entry points from anywhere. In addition to remote access management from your smart phone, the enhanced system from in Edina, MN gives you complete control with visibility over all the doors. Stop hiding your key. You can also set your alarm system to disarm automatically when you unlock the door at specific times and on certain days.

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Keeping your family and valuables safe and secure gives you peace of mind. 


Is your garage door closed?

Check it on your mobile device or computer.’s system, powered by, allows you to remotely manage, monitor and control your garage door anywhere, anytime. You can also set up a notification to remind you if you or your family leave home and forget to close the garage door.

THERMOSTAT places discrete remote temperature sensors around the home. This allows the system to adjust the temperature in the rooms where people live, not just where the thermostat is. In addition, climate can be adjusted based on external weather conditions. Connected to your security system, your thermostat learns your patterns and makes personal recommendations that can save energy and money.


Smart lighting allows you to efficiently control lights on a dynamic schedule from a mobile device or computer. When you’re gone, dynamic schedules gives your home a lived-in look. Schedule lights to come on at sunrise and sunset or variable times during the day and week. makes this possible using smart bulbs, plugs and switches integrated with the system.


See what is happening when you’re away. Get instant alerts and visual verification with image or smart video clip captures, or watch live feeds from your property on your phone, tablet or computer. Connected with your security system, you specify image capture or video triggers when activity is detected. Choose to receive alerts based on time, day, camera location and motion right from your system.


Powered by, Edina offers an affordable option for wellness and independent living for seniors and loved ones with greater safety, security and comfort. Get an automatic, real-time alert if there’s a change in a family member’s activity pattern or if they have left the home at an unusual hour. Automated temperature, lighting and security settings provide effortless control.

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