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Get out of the dog house

It's national get out of the dog house day and if you're int it, we've got some tips to help you get out.

For some of our clients, getting into the dog house meant they forgot to do something. In some cases, that's leaving the garage door open or locking their significant other (or kids) out of the house.


-Find a resolution

-Find your grand gesture and do that

-Make life easier for the person you've upset

-Take something off the other person's plate

Check out some of our smart technology services to help keep you out of the dog house like: our smart access features for the home and the garage, help set the your home at the temperature your significant other likes it at, control the lighting (you may want to set it to your favorite mood setting), with real time updates and visual verifications, you'll be one step ahead instead of one step in the dog house.


Make life easier on yourself. Check out your home security options today with a free consultation.


No complicated and expensive packages.

Ask us your unique security questions and/or learn more:

Minnesota Security

(952) 224-9191

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