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3 Ways an Emergency Response Security System Protects your Home

How Smart Home Security Takes Action When Fire, Carbon Monoxide, or Water Leaks Threaten Your Home

We’ve spent some time talking about protecting your Minneapolis, MN home from burglaries, but there are other threats you also need to take into account when installing smart security. Our emergency response systems can detect a fire, carbon monoxide leak, or water leak then alert you of the danger. gives you proactive protection and awareness that traditional security systems can’t. Keep reading to learn more.

Fire / Smoke devices can detect a fire in your home and immediately alert you to the threat via an email or text message. also automatically alerts a 24-7 monitoring station through a cellular connection so that security personnel can assess the situation and dispatch emergency responders if necessary. Your smart system can respond to the fire by sounding an alarm, flashing your lights, and turning off your HVAC system to prevent the fire from spreading. In addition to alerting emergency responders, also sends messages to your emergency contacts, like family and neighbors, to make them aware of the situation.

Carbon Monoxide

We can connect a carbon monoxide sensor to your system so that you’ll receive alerts if there’s ever a leak in your home. Carbon monoxide poisoning is fatal, so it’s crucial to detect a leak immediately. In the same way the system responds to a fire, monitoring services alert a local station to minimize the danger.

Water Leak

It’s all too common for Minnesota basements to flood in the spring. But you can keep your basement dry with a smart sump pump monitoring system. When it rains heavily, your sump pump removes excess groundwater to prevent flooding. However, if it fails for some reason, how will you know? can proactively protect your home from water damage by alerting you if your sump pump isn’t working like it should so that you can respond quickly. The system can tell you if the pump has lost power, if the pump is broken or if it is not removing water fast enough. Aside from the sump pump, our systems can detect other leaks like a burst pipe, backed up drain, or an overflowing washing machine. Our smart water solution will let you know immediately so you can respond, and can even turn off your home’s water supply to stop the damage from getting out of control.

If you would like to add these monitoring services and sensors to your home, please contact us online. Our technology can be your first line of defense in protecting your home from all kinds of threats.

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