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How to Protect your Home with a Geo-Fence Security System

Use a Smart Home System to Secure Your Edina, MN Property

The greatest benefit of having a smart home is not needing to take extra time to manage your household electronics, like the security system, lights, shades and more. The system is intelligent enough to operate on its own so you can take time to focus on the more important aspects of your life, like work and family. Geo-fencing is another way your smart home runs automatically based on specific programming by professionals. While many government-run facilities and big corporations use geo-fencing to maintain high security, you can use it as well to protect your Edina, MN property, family members and valuables. In this blog, we explain what geo-fencing is, how it makes your system more efficient, and how we can incorporate it into your smart home system.

What is Geo-fencing?

Geo-fencing allows you to create an invisible fence around your property so that whenever you cross it, your smart home activates or de-activates certain systems. Your system uses cell phone tower triangulation to gauge where you are. Once you pass that barrier, either going in or out, certain settings will go into effect.

How Does It Work with My Smart Home System?

Geo-fencing can be used for security purposes, but you can also take advantage of the technology to save energy and do a variety of other tasks. For example, when the geo-services detect you’re leaving the house, it checks certain areas to make sure it’s secure and sends out alerts if you overlooked something. If you forgot to lock the back door, it will send you a text message so you can fix the problem right away. Beyond reminders, geo-services also allow your smart home to enact some systems automatically—like the heating system. That way, as you’re on your way home from work the home will be cooled – or warmed – before you arrive.

Geo-services interact with your lighting system too. Simply program your lighting to come on when you cross your geo-fence at the end of the day and you’ll see your entryway brightly lit as you come home.

Lastly, this feature can control your video cameras. While you’re at work and the kids are off at school, the video cameras will record activity. Our geo-fencing technology will then detect when you are home and turn the cameras off to give your family privacy and save storage space so you’re not recording video when you don’t want to.

So you can see that geo-fencing is a very convenient and cool way to control your smart home—making it more secure, comfortable and energy efficient.

We’ve written many articles about all we have to offer when it comes to securing your Minnesota home. Read more on our blog and contact us if you need to schedule a discovery meeting with our professional team.

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